Taking the Middle Seat next to Carlos Kulas-Dominguez

On episode 7 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Carlos Kulas-Dominguez.  This episode gets personal in the best way, you guys.  We have a great conversation about Carlos' journey that led him to acknowledging some addictions he had in his life and how he is now pursuing recovery and connection.  We talk about how our friendship wove through his story and how we both have learned from that.  We check off the Middle Seat boxes of acceptance, healing laughter and community.  

You'll hear that I have a cold during this episode so my voice sounds a little off.  But you know what is good for helping symptoms of a cold that Carlos is super knowledgeable about??? Essential oils!  You can find his fave brand here.

He's also a Thai massage practitioner so ask him about that too at his Facebook page.  Carlos does a great job at motivating and encouraging so go ahead and follow him.  Or better yet, send him a message.  Connection is what it is all about!

You can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram

I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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Taking the Middle Seat next to Val Cobbs - Episode 6

On episode 6 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Val Cobbs, Senior Regional Manager at the National Kidney Foundation.  She shares about how NKF is addressing diabetes and high blood pressure, chronic conditions that are the major causes of kidney failure and disproportionately affect communities of color.  Val is a staunch advocate for wellness and community and breaking down barriers.  She teaches me with her every word and I hope you will listen to her wisdom.

Check out the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and the Diabetes Improvement Program (DIP) at the National Kidney Foundation website.  You can get involved as a facilitator or a participant.  Share this resource with your people who may need it!

If you want to donate to the 2018 Kidney Walk that benefits NKF and happens on April 22, go here.  I'll be walking in honor of the living kidney donors I work with each and every day.

Val mentions her precious pit bull, King.  Speaking of animals, have you ever watched Pit Bulls and Parolees?  You should.  Do you follow Ludwik_guinea_pig on Instagram?  You should.  There, I made your life better.

Val shows up every single day in her life and makes this world a better place.  She continuously teaches me to do. the. work.  Even when I doubt my place in the work.  Even when I second guess if I know what to do.  She wisely tells us to do our work.  

I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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Taking the Middle Seat next to Christine Mwangi

On episode 5 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Christine Mwangi, founder of Be A Rose.  She shares about how she is taking on the issue of period poverty.  We talk about how women have always made do - we have always managed but what if we could do better for each other.  Christine is hilarious and wise and I cannot wait for you to hear her words.

Check out Be A Rose here.  Then get involved!  You can connect with Be A Rose to volunteer, host a Party with a Purpose, donation drive, or shop their Amazon Wishlist.

I'm going to be a drop-off site for donated period products so bring them any time to the Taking a Middle Seat headquarters (ie. my front porch) - 1145 Eastwood Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506.   Let's fill my porch with products to give to Be A Rose!!!

I've already learned so much from the Be A Rose Blog.  Check it out!

Curious about the reusable period products we mentioned?  Here they are: Thinx, Diva Cup, cloth pads (there are many types of these so explore away).  And one we didn't mention but one that intrigues me... Knixteen.  And I know you're dying to know my fave period products, right?  My fave brand is L.  You can order them from the website or find them at Target.

I'm super intrigued by period apps.  Check out this article for some app options.  I'd love to know if you're already using an app and which ones you love!

Christine loves tacos at Donkey.  Their beet margarita is a thing to behold.  

I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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Taking the Middle Seat next to Ruth Bell Olsson

On episode 4 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Ruth Bell Olsson, a teacher, writer, activist and all around beautiful soul. She's shares about her work with movements and communities that are on the front line of the salient issues of our day.

List on iTunes.

I would love for you to learn more about the Grand Rapids Red Project and One Million Thumbprints.

Ruth and I share a love of big earrings.  My favorites can be purchased at Noonday Collection

Kombucha on tap!!??!! Awesome.  If you're a GR local, find it at the Early Bird.  Another one of my favorite local cafe's is Rising Grinds.  Check out their menu and mission!  Love it!

And a couple of books we mentioned.  The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by Cherise Wolas and Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff.  Or pick them up at an awesome local bookstore like Books and Mortar.  They'll order any book you want! 

Learn more about the Mystic Soul Conference and the rest of the organization here.      

Image is courtesy of One Million Thumbprints' website.

I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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Taking the Middle Seat next to Justine Braford

On episode 3 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Justine Braford, a mom of 4 who has walked through losing two of her children. She's also a trail-blazing sex therapist and social worker.  She talks truth about sexual health, caring for people in their grief and the joy that is lash extensions.  We cover it all in this one.

Check out Justine's therapy practice and contact her here.

The incredible seminars Justine mentioned are called the Wonder of Women Series.  Register for them here.  You're not going to want to miss the next one on March 15! 

Lash extensions at Siren and Proper.  Treat yourself!

And a couple of books we mentioned.  Brene Brown's Braving the Wilderness and 30 Days of Sex Talks from Educate and Empower Kids.  

I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.


Taking the Middle Seat next to Emily Smith: Owner of Adored Boutique

Thank you so much for listening to Taking the Middle Seat Episode 2!!  (I call it episode one in the audio but I'm not a detail gal, people)  On this episode I talk to Emily Smith, owner of Adored Boutique.  She shares about her early professional life and how she did a 180 degree shift to what she's doing now.  She shares about how her faith shapes her path.  She talks about how Adored is not just a boutique.  It is a space creating change in the lives of women and communities locally and globally.  

Check out Adored Boutique's website here.

I also talk about Noonday Collection, one of my absolute favorite places to get ethically made accessories.

And we talk about MadCap Coffee.  Serious coffee folks, check them out.

Thank you to Dino Favale for my rad logo.  

I cannot wait to come back with Episode number 3.  Until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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Taking the Middle Seat next to ME

Episode 1 is recorded, you guys!  I did it!  I spoke words into a microphone and recorded sound that will eventually go out into the interwebs and universe.  Go ahead and listen in.  You'll get a taste for where I'm headed and why I'm doing this crazy thing.  I haven't quite figured out the podcasting platforms so for now, I'd love for you to take a listen right here and let me know what you think.

And here's the clip from About a Boy that I mention in the recording.  You need it in your life.  

Glass straws from Strawesome... also need these in your life.  

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