Taking the Middle Seat next to Andi Adams

On episode 9 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Andi Adams.  She is a middle school teacher and teaches reading and special education classes.  She is mom to 2 busy middle school-age kiddos and to a precious rescue dog.  I talked to Andi a week or so ago but I hurried to get this episode out when I heard about yet another deadly school shooting.  I wanted to go to an expert source to hear about gun violence in schools and I believe teachers are the experts.  She states her strong belief that automatic weapons do not belong anywhere in our communities but also goes beyond that to talk about why teachers should be the sources of wisdom to create effective policy change that will keep our children safe.  I love our conversation and I'm so grateful she took time out of her busy day of teaching to talk to me.   

If you want to get involved in this issue, an organization I love is Everytown for Gun Safety.  This includes Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action.  Dip a pinky toe in or jump all the way in.  Activism in all forms helps.

Andi mentions her fave accessory company, Two Copper Sparrows.  I checked them out and I LOVE the story behind this little company.  Amy, the owner gives a portion of her proceeds to organizations that work with people who struggle with post traumatic stress syndrome and post partum/pre natal depression.  I'm absolutely picking up these earrings ASAP.  True Red or Hennessy?   Maybe both. 

Andi also mentions her adorable adopted dog named Piper.  You can and should follow Piper on the Instagrams @Piper_the_Pitbull_.  I love our rescue dogs, Abbie and Charlie so Andi and I get all sappy over our little quirky rescues.  

So go thank a teacher for taking care of our babies like they are their own.  Because of teachers like Andi, I have hope that we will make change on this issue.  I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.


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