Taking the Middle Seat next to Christine Mwangi

On episode 5 of Taking the Middle Seat, I talk to Christine Mwangi, founder of Be A Rose.  She shares about how she is taking on the issue of period poverty.  We talk about how women have always made do - we have always managed but what if we could do better for each other.  Christine is hilarious and wise and I cannot wait for you to hear her words.

Check out Be A Rose here.  Then get involved!  You can connect with Be A Rose to volunteer, host a Party with a Purpose, donation drive, or shop their Amazon Wishlist.

I'm going to be a drop-off site for donated period products so bring them any time to the Taking a Middle Seat headquarters (ie. my front porch) - 1145 Eastwood Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506.   Let's fill my porch with products to give to Be A Rose!!!

I've already learned so much from the Be A Rose Blog.  Check it out!

Curious about the reusable period products we mentioned?  Here they are: Thinx, Diva Cup, cloth pads (there are many types of these so explore away).  And one we didn't mention but one that intrigues me... Knixteen.  And I know you're dying to know my fave period products, right?  My fave brand is L.  You can order them from the website or find them at Target.

I'm super intrigued by period apps.  Check out this article for some app options.  I'd love to know if you're already using an app and which ones you love!

Christine loves tacos at Donkey.  Their beet margarita is a thing to behold.  

I'll be back soon with another episode but until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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