Taking the Middle Seat next to Emily Smith: Owner of Adored Boutique

Thank you so much for listening to Taking the Middle Seat Episode 2!!  (I call it episode one in the audio but I'm not a detail gal, people)  On this episode I talk to Emily Smith, owner of Adored Boutique.  She shares about her early professional life and how she did a 180 degree shift to what she's doing now.  She shares about how her faith shapes her path.  She talks about how Adored is not just a boutique.  It is a space creating change in the lives of women and communities locally and globally.  

Check out Adored Boutique's website here.

I also talk about Noonday Collection, one of my absolute favorite places to get ethically made accessories.

And we talk about MadCap Coffee.  Serious coffee folks, check them out.

Thank you to Dino Favale for my rad logo.  

I cannot wait to come back with Episode number 3.  Until then, keep taking the middle seat.

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