Taking the Middle Seat next to Jennifer Stewart

On episode 13 of Taking the Middle Seat, I'm talking to Jennifer Stewart, associate professor of sociology at Grand Valley State University.  She founded an organization called Act on Racism in 2005.  Since then it has evolved and changed but it has always been a powerful force for connection and change both for the participants and the observers.  Like so many of us, Jennifer never thought she'd be a leader in this particular way but life leads us to spaces that will use our gifts and teach us what we need to learn.  

I get a little emotional in this one because I very recently lost a friend way too soon.  I encourage each one of you to reach out to your people and tell them what you love about them.  This episode is dedicated to my friend because she was always taking the middle seat and lighting up those around her.  

Check out the latest happenings of Act on Racism here.

Jennifer's favorite band is called My Morning Jacket.

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Jennifer and I talk about the incredible cuisine of the 1950's and 60's.  This is an actual salad I constructed as a child.  We called it a Candle Salad.  An. Actual. Childhood. Chore. I. Was. Assigned. 

And if no one has told you that you are loved today.  You are.  

I'll be back soon to explore the magic in the middle seat.

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