Taking the Middle Seat next to Lauren Taylor

On Episode 22, I’m talking to Lauren Taylor who is running for State Representative in Michigan’s 86th district (district map). She calls herself the a “democrat for common ground,” and she is exactly that. She seeks common ground when most people would give up. I loved hearing about her journey to run for public office. No matter your political label, I think you’ll love hearing Lauren’s passion and emotion and drive to make our world a better place for EVERYONE.

Follow Lauren on Facebook and Instagram. My favorite thing about following Lauren on social media is the pictures of her constituents with their top issues written on her signature white board. So many issues matter to ALL of us when someone actually stops to ask.

Lauren loves her chickens! Aren’t chickens great? I don’t have any but I do love them. Two of my neighbors have backyard chickens and I think they’re so rad.

Lauren also talks about getting involved as a way to stay positive and stay connected. If Lauren really resonates with you, CONTACT HER. I know she would love that!

I have found that connecting to causes helps me stay positive and I’ll list a few places I’ve found lately: Swing Left allows you to make one donation that will be split evenly among close Democratic races. Many are women and/or people of color who are running for office. Rachel Cargle is raising money to fund therapy for women and girls of color. She is also a leader I’m listening to. We Are Lit is my source for great books that make me think and I love supporting this woman-owned small business.

Keep taking the middle seat, listener. You, and the world, will be so happy you did.

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