Taking the Middle Seat next to Sarah Jean Anderson

On Episode 23, I’m talking to Sarah Jean Anderson. She is an artist, comedian, event host, mentor and musician. She has the best energy and I could not wait to edit this episode and get it out to you! You will love her!

Sarah Jean is a part of two comedy troupes, Comedy Coven (Comedy Coven on Facebook) and Funny Girls (Funny Girls on Facebook). Go follow them and watch their videos and attend their events! And… if you love to watch live comedy, Funny Girls is opening a comedy club called Comedy Project (Comedy Project on Facebook) so stay tuned.

Sarah Jean is one of the incredible mentors and leaders at Girls Rock Grand Rapids. I talk about Girls Rock absolutely all. the. time. because it is the most magical space for girls to be. It is a land of possibility and joy and courage and Sarah Jean exemplifies that.

She also mentors kids at the Creative Youth Center. Her story about Orchard View Elementary publishing center brought back so many memories. We talk a lot about our early forays into writing. Basically writing gold.

Sarah Jean said her favorite job is to host events and she is amazing at it! She hosts trivia night at the Apartment Lounge and at Maggies. You can also hire her to host your events!

I’ve just scratched the surface of what Sarah Jean does! She also performs burlesque with Super Happy Fun Time and Shimmy Shack Burlesque. She’s a musician with The Fancy Restaurants.

Sarah Jean’s favorite things include Palace of India, Curry Kitchen, her dog Polka and her boyfriend who co-founded Dog Story Theater, the weather, the Thriller Chiller Film Festival, burlesque including her friend Vivacious Miss Audacious, The Simpsons (her tattoo is from season 7, episode 14), the movie Mother, her best friend, coffee, Vander Mill Cider, and Sword and Scale podcast. I think I missed a few…. oh, she loves Grand Rapids’ West side and the Midwest. Her favorites abound.

Sarah Jean is absolutely incredible and I know you’ll love her interview. I’ll be back soon with another episode and until then, keep moving in to hear the magic in the middle seat.